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Asphalt Roads

Look no further; choose RZR ASPHALTE, the specialists in road and highway asphalt construction!

For the construction of an asphalt road by a company serving Sainte-Julie, Saint-Bruno, Varennes, and other cities in the region, rely on RZR ASPHALTE. Our advanced expertise has developed over the past 15 years through hundreds of construction, repair, and partial or complete refurbishment projects.

We undertake projects on municipal roads, highways, and national roads governed by the Ministry of Transport. Our asphalt company also constructs commercial roads (airport roads, hunting lodges, shopping centers, etc.) and industrial roads on factory and warehouse premises.

NOur team can get involved either in the asphalt paving phase or in preparing the road site. We can cut trees, perform stump removal and excavation to remove compacted rocks and clayey soil. We then transport the excavated debris, trees, and stumps by truck to a dedicated site for disposal.

Asphalt Road Sainte-Julie
Asphalt Road Saint-Bruno

Methods for asphaltroad construction

When constructing asphalt roads, we excavate to install a layer of crushed stones with a geotextile membrane placed underneath. This sturdy membrane facilitates water drainage and separates the soil from the crushed stone. If the soil is clayey, we replace it with a more stable soil.

We compact the crushed stones with our high-performance machinery to solidify and level this base layer, whose stability reduces the impact of freeze-thaw cycles on the asphalt. Compaction helps reduce soil deformation and volume variations, minimize permeability, and increase load-bearing capacity.

On the compacted crushed stone, we pave with hot asphalt until the layer reaches a specific thickness (determined based on traffic volume). We then compact the surface with our machinery to create a smooth and dense surface that can withstand heavy traffic and loads. It's worth noting that the road is constructed with the appropriate slope, allowing rainwater to flow towards the catch basin.

Around the road, areas at risk of erosion will be protected with rocks (riprap). In addition, topsoil will be spread on slopes and hydroseeded.

Specifics of asphalt for roads

The Ministry of Transport has established strict standards for general contractors undertaking the construction of highways and asphalt roads, as well as for road reconstruction (refurbishment) and repair.

The class of bitumen to be used and the category of aggregates to be used are determined by Standard 4202, both for the base layer and the surface layer. Characteristics such as climatic zone, road type (highways, national roads, or regional roads), and traffic volume determine the choice of asphalt mix for the project.

Recommended bitumen classes, depending on project characteristics, include ESG-10, EG-101, EGM-10, ESG-14, GB-20, EC-10, MUN-10, and EG-5.

Asphalt Road Varennes

Alos, services available with asphalt works:

  • Landscaping

  • Excavation

  • Leveling

  • Interlocking bricks

  • Catch basin

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Asphalt Road Sainte-Julie

Contact us for more information about our asphalt road construction services, partial or complete asphalt road refurbishment, or asphalt road repair services, including roads, paths, bike lanes, or pedestrian walkways. We will provide you with a free quote.

RZR ASPHALTE serves Sainte-Julie, Saint-Bruno, Varennes, and all surrounding cities.

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