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The asphalt professionals

A specialized asphalt company located in Sainte-Julie and serving Saint-Bruno, Varennes, and all other cities in the region, RZR ASPHALTE offers turnkey asphalt services.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, our team performs high-quality, solid, and durable work. Our methods adhere to the construction code standards (RBQ general contractor license no. 5801-8466-01) as well as the guidelines of the Ministry of Transportation.

Our team has completed hundreds of construction and paving projects for roads and parking lots in commercial, institutional, industrial, or residential areas (multifamily building parking lots and driveway entrances).

We also provide targeted asphalt repairs, resurfacing, and partial or complete refurbishment. We offer services for repairing catch basins and solidifying their bases as well.

Turnkey asphalt constructionservices

During our asphalt construction and paving projects for roads, parking lots, or asphalt driveways, we first excavate and, if necessary, remove clayey soil to replace it. Then, we lay a resilient geotextile membrane for efficient water drainage and to prevent settling of the crushed stone base layer that we add on top.

We compact the crushed stones with our high-performance machinery and then pave with hot asphalt, leveling it.

Our asphalt company, founded in 2020, has the necessary machinery and equipment to handle all types of asphalt work, regardless of their size.

Landscaping work after asphalt

Following the asphalt paving of parking lots or driveway entrances, our team can perform landscaping (sodding, planting, etc.). We can also install interlocking pavers for creating paths, driveways, sidewalks, retaining walls, steps, and pool surrounds. We can also do concrete paving for sidewalks and patios.

To protect roads and highways from soil erosion, we can add rocks (riprap) and topsoil on slopes, which we hydroseed.

During excavation, our team can also handle tree removal, stump grinding, and the removal of compacted stones. We dispose of debris and clayey soil at a dedicated site.

High-Quality Asphalt

Bituminous mixtures, commonly referred to as asphalt, consist of aggregates coated with bitumen (a viscous mixture of hydrocarbons). These aggregates are composed of finely crushed rock, sand, and recycled asphalt. The aggregates used in road and parking lot mixtures are coarser than those used for residential driveway entrances. This asphalt may appear less black and smooth, but it is more durable.

It consists of approximately 95% aggregates and 5% bitumen. At the factory, the proper proportioning of ingredients and the correct heating temperature of the mixture result in stable, durable, and resilient asphalt. All our work is carried out using hot asphalt from a local manufacturer.

In accordance with government standards for asphalt work, we select the class of bituminous mix that is most suitable for the intended surface use. This can include roads and highways, high-traffic parking lots (office towers, large shopping centers, airports, vehicle parks, etc.), small business parking lots, or residential driveway entrances.

Our services

Asphalt Sainte-Julie

Asphalt Repair

Our team performs repairs on roads, parking lots, driveway entrances, and other asphalt surfaces. We fix cracks caused by freeze-thaw cycles, potholes, and indentations. We also resurface asphalt (adding a 2½-inch layer of hot asphalt) to repair imperfections, solidify, and enhance parking lots and driveway entrances.

Asphalt Saint-Bruno

Asphalt Road

Our extensive expertise in asphalt, developed over the past 15 years, enables us to offer high-quality asphalt road and pavement construction services. We also conduct partial or complete refurbishments, as well as targeted repairs (cracks, potholes, and indentations).

Asphalt Varennes

Parking lot Asphalting

We use a specific asphalt mixture for each type of parking lot. For a large shopping center or heavy-duty vehicle park, the chosen asphalt class and the final thickness of the base layer will not be the same as for a small business parking lot or residential building.

Asphalt Sainte-Julie

Catch basin Repair

Our team performs asphalt repair surrounding municipal stormwater catch basins or those located on residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties. We can add a stormwater catch basin, remove it, or straighten its crushed stone foundation, as well as replace worn or faulty parts.

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Asphalte Sainte-Julie

Tell us about your asphalt project by calling us at (514) 226-4761 or emailing us at info@rzrasphalte.ca.. RZR ASPHALTE will provide you with a free quote for your asphalt work in Sainte-Julie, Saint-Bruno, Varennes, or any other city in the region.

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